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Afro and European Barber & Hairdressing salon

All hair types

Male & Female of all origins

From European hair to Afro-Carribean hair, here at The Hummingbird, we specialise in all hair types. To get your hair done by our hairdressers give us a call to book your appointment.

The salon caters for both male and female offering barbershop services to men and to women who need that short shave for those modern hairstyles.

Hairdressing call: 01256 468700

For Barbers: Walk-in only, no appointment required

Dreadlock specialists

It is rare to find a salon that can do dreads, and do dreads right. We can.

Other hairdressers will require you to cut your hair off before you can have dreads. We don’t, our hairdressers can dread any hair even chemically straightened hair.


You can find us in Basingstoke Town centre at Jacobs Yard. Near Tonic bar.


Us the one-way system to park at the second Outdoor Carpark at Jacobs Yard. When Approaching Festival Place keep left to avoid the ramp to Festival Place indoor parking.

Mobile driving directions

The Humming Bird, 1 Mark Lane, Jacobs Yard
Hampshire ,
United Kindgom
RG21 7PB
Phone: 01256 468700

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